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Speaking from the perspective of a Retired School Superintendent, I would incorporate Podcasts in a number of ways. I can see podcasts via mobile devices and email being used by teachers in communicating announcements and student progress to parents, communication with other teachers regarding instructional skills and content, instructional strategies for success, professional development activities in enhancing student achievement and professional competencies, and as a monitoring device to assess the progress and success of students in completing assignments and attaining knowledge and skills appropriate for their respective grade levels. I can see administrators utilizing podcasts as a means to communicate announcements, accomplishments, vision, mission and plan of action to teachers, parents, stakeholders, elected officials, school board members, fellow administrators and the community at large. In this time of mobile devices being owned and accessible to all, podcasts can be very instrumental in achieving successful communication with students, teachers, parents, administrators, stakeholders, and community leaders, thus creating an educational environment conducive to success.

Links to alternative tools that can be utilized in creating podcasts are as follows: 

  1. ALEX-Alabama Learning
  2. LEAs Best
  3. Graduation Coaches/Best Practices 9.11rev.pdf
  4. Academic Planning and Career
  5. CPC Standard 7.docx
  6. Gifted-My Identity Matters (3-6)
Resources for Teaching the Career Preparedness Course
  2. AL Council on Economic Educational Template
These are in essence the ways podcasts can be utilized by educators to communicate to stakeholders and alternative links that can be used to enhance educational excellence.
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