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I have really gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding technology in this Standard 6 Professional Study. There are a plethora of tools at your fingertips that can be used by students, teachers, administrators, and the public in general in fostering educational and personal excellence in the area of technology. Technology enhances communication, organizational, and research skills to levels of infinite wisdom and efficiency. I personally have grown in my understanding of the various tools such as Google Hangout, Flipping the Classroom, Podcast, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Meeting the Wizard, Google Talk, Symbaloo, Live Binders, Camtasia, Drop Box and the like. It s indeed my plan to incorporate these technological tools and more in my professional activities with schools in working with teachers and students via professional workshops and extra -curricular activities I serve at local, county and state levels, my service on my community service agencies such as the Birmingham Planning Commission Midfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham Public Building Authority Board, in my church as an administrative team leader, and in my personal life in remaining organized and efficient in my communication. I know my efforts in working with the aforementioned entities will have a tremendous impact on student achievement because they are all connected and interrelated in enhancing education via professional development, community leadership, partnerships, and visionaries in realizing that our children and communities will not succeed with a floundering educational system and it has to be our number one priority to enhance education in order to have a bright and successful future. In summary, this is my Standard 6 Final Professional Study Reflection on the ways in which I have grown personally and professionally in the area of technology, and how I will incorporate it in my professional and personal life to impact the lives of others in increasing and manifesting excellent communication, organization, and knowledge skills, which will ultimately lead to increased student achievement.

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