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In my career of 34 years, I have been blessed to serve in public education in 4 

different school systems as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, personnel 

coordinator, hearing officer and superintendent.

My major accomplishments in my very successful career as superintendent and as an educational leader are as follows: led school systems to financial and academic success, prepared, implemented and monitored multi-million dollar budgets, led and worked to support the successful passage of two advalorem tax referendums in two separate school districts, successfully lobbied the county commission for 900,000 for discretionary funding for one school district, instituted accountability via creation of organizational charts and job descriptions, development, modification, and recommendation for approval school district policies to meet federal, state and local standards, initiated board approved multi-million dollar capital improvement projects and renovations for schools and district offices, eliminated all substandard classrooms, provided an avenue for community involvement in bringing the community in the schools and sending the students in the community to learn and serve, created business partnerships, served as a visible , servant and Christian leader in the community, provided extra-curricular activities for all children, hired the best personnel from a standpoint of being highly qualified and certified to serve children, successfully attained and maintained SACS-CASI Accreditation for schools and districts, reduced the projected four year drop-out rate from 49% to 15% in one district, provided an academic climate where respectively 89% and 80% of high school graduates in the districts I served as superintendent attended higher education institutions, students were awarded 4.8 million in scholarship monies , districts achieved business certification in career technical programs , and provided creative and innovative opportunities academically and through extra -curricular events by attaining and maintaining over 2.6 million dollars in grant monies in the areas of academics, child nutrition, federal programs, professional development, technology, and capital improvements.

In addition to those feats, I worked collaboratively to foster partnerships with

pre-school programs, colleges, and universities in enhancing students and professionals in the district, provided intense professional development for staff to ensure excellence in teaching and supervision, and worked collaboratively with all stakeholders in providing opportunities for children to be prepared to compete globally in the 21 century.

This is in essence a brief synopsis of my major accomplishments collectively as superintendent in two respective school systems, and as an educational leader in other positions where I served leading up to my role as superintendent.

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