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Dr. Douglas L. Ragland’s Synopsis of Accomplishments for Birmingham City Schools as District 1 School Board Representative.

1.Financial Reserves at an all time high at 10.12 Reserves $177.4 million as of February 28, 2021.

2.Financial Reserves at an all time high at 8.24 Reserves $153 million as of January 31, 2021.

3.Consistently 7 month reserves over the last 4 years, while state requires 1 month.

4.Projected Fiscal Year Reserves at 5.32-$105 million.

5.Balanced Budgets passed every single year.

6.Unqualified Audit-Highest Rating.

7.Academic Report Card from D to C.

8.Plethora of Initiatives in Reading and Math to increase children’s achievement.

9.State Championship Basketball Team at Huffman High in 2020 and only Girls and Boys Area and Sub-district Champions in Basketball for 2020-2021.

10.District wide Accreditation for all schools and the District by Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

11.Feeder Plan Approval where we maintained the enrollment numbers where we have the 1st and 2nd largest Elementary Schools, the largest High School and the second largest Middle School.

12.Actively attended and gave district updates in all Neighborhood Meetings for 4 years with the exception being Killough Springs which met on Board Meeting Night.

13.2 million for Hot Spots and 10 million for computers in exercising technology remote learning during the pandemic.

14.Attended all Schools Graduation Ceremonies for 3 years and 2 (Huffman and Ramsay) during the year of the pandemic.

15.Visible and participant at all community and school events such as academic and athletic programs, PTA Open House, Honors day and Graduation programs, Title I, District Retirement Programs, to name a few

16.Active attendance for Athletic events in and out of town.

17.Organizer and participant in pronouncing Spelling Bees for Schools.

18.Visible in speaking at schools for various occasions.

19.Approved District wide Reorganizational Chart for Academic and Financial Accountability Purposes.

20.Approved District -wide Evaluation Plan for District Certified Employees.

21.Approval of 5 year Strategic Plan-Force of Greatness with 4 pillars: Student Success, Teacher Excellence, Stakeholder Trust, and Systems Planning.

22.Multi-million (47 Million) Capital Improvement Plans in prioritizing Building and Maintenance Needs and updated annually with 3.4 Million being allotted for Bush Hills Steam and Feeder Pattern, and 6.3 Million allocated for Wells Fargo Building to have Master District Office encompassing all satellite sites.

23.Huffman Academy-Track, Playground and Tennis Court Rendering.

24.4.3 Capital Projects Account for Dire Emergencies only.

25.Selection of Superintendent in August 2020.

26.Huffman Academy selected by Governor Ivey as one of Pre-School Programs to read to based on successful model of program.

27.Huffman Middle School New Gymnasium, Lunch Room and Digital Marquee.

28.Huffman High School Roof Repair, Score Boards, NBA Lights for Gymnasium, Tennis Courts, Digital Marquee, Pressure Washing of borders, landscaping upkeep, etc. Practice Football Field Grading and re-sodding.

29.Smith Middle School-Window Treatments, Digital Marquee Replacement of Gym Bleachers, Renovation of Locker Rooms, Painting and facelift, replacement of clocks, etc.

30.Sun Valley Elementary School-Electrical Upgrades, Marquee Modifications to reflect Vikings Colors and Name, Assessment of Tennis Courts, Playground Equipment Installation , Parking Lot Resurfacing, and Painting of lines, replacement of Outer and Inner entrance structures

31.All Schematic Designs, and Surveys have been completed and the contracts will be sent to the state department for approval with an expectant date of all playgrounds and tennis courts, etc completed by November 2021.

32.Educational Technology Fund and Advancement Technology Fund.

33.Majority of Certified Teachers in Classrooms despite teacher shortage nationally.

34.Achievement of Professional Learning Units (PLU) as a Retired School Superintendent in maintaining my professional Certification to expire in 2027.

35.Level 4 School Board Certification-2018.

36.Master Level Board Member for 3 consecutive Years 2019, 2020, 2021.

37.Calendar Proposal with Inter-sessions to close the learning gap.

38.Approval of 2020-21 Calendar with Inter-sessions for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer to close learning gap.

39.Parent Training for use of Computers via our Parent

40.Sun Valley Elementary School had the Top teacher of the Year and Innovative Teacher for 2019 and I made those presentations at our annual Teacher of the Year Program

41.Served as District Vice President for 2 years.

42.Served on District Health and Science Textbook Committee.

43.Served on Teacher of the Year Panel District-wide Committee.

44.Worked closely with all principals in assessing and advocating needs of schools, and serving as guest speaker 2017-2021.

45.Worked closely with Huffman High School Debate Team in achieving National Awards at Harvard University in 2020.

46.Participant in the annual Huffman High School Hosting of the Huffman Neighborhood Get to know your Neighbor Day where the Huffman High School Choir sang and the Huffman High School Culinary Arts program provided food.

47.Provided updates for the District for Parents and Stakeholders on 2 segments of the Josilyn Drake Show.

48.Approved Going Elementary Sale for Wellness Program for Community.

49.Sell of surplus properties in enhancing general fund and eliminating blight and vandalism in the district and communities.

50.Attended, congratulated and encouraged Huffman High School Academic Bowl winners for their 1st Place Finish in 2019 after defeating Ramsay High School.

51.Donated Supplies to Huffman Academy for Fundraiser Program.

52.Read to the students and donated treats in the classroom for students.

53.Organized and served as sponsor for Huffman Academy Spelling Bee.

54.Organized and served as sponsor for Smith Middle School Spelling Bee.

55.Organized and served as sponsor for Smith Middle School Spelling Bee.

56.First-ever Bryan Jordan Award and Scholarship for Cameron Hughes for academics and the survival of kidney disease in achieving academic and athletic excellence.

57.Support of Birmingham Promise for all seniors meeting GPA Requirements to attend any 2 or 4 year college or University free of charge in achieving their degrees.

58.Business Partnerships community wide in providing opportunities for our students such as UAB, Regions Bank, Alabama Power, City and County Government, Various Churches and the like.

59.Partnership with Parker High School and UAB for Vaccine Distribution for all in the community.

60.Working with Jefferson County Commission in presenting a public platform for the presentation of annual Occupational Tax Monies in the amount of 4 million for General Fund Purposes.

61.Approval of thousands of dollars of donations from various entities at every board meeting for our schools.

62.Approval of safety measures such as metal detectors, cameras, resource officers and the like for our schools.

63.Approval of hundreds of thousands of dollars for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitation via Cares Monies for safety measures of our students, employees and the like.

64.Approval of over 10 million for Technology of laptops and chrome books, and 2.5 million in hotspots for the district during the pandemic.

65.Approval of 53 million for ESSER II Funds for Academics, Maintenance, Heating and Cooling, Professional Development

66. Birmingham City Schools and Harvard University Partnership for Professional Development Program in identifying an issue affecting schools and participating in a rigorous program to solve the issue and provide continuing Professional Development to the district in this regard. Birmingham City Schools is the first and only participant from the state of Alabama and this is indeed a national program.

67.We are BCS strong because of our teachers, staff, and students! During the 2021 myON Reading Competition, K-5 students succeeded in reading over 9,000 books! Congratulations to the first-place winner, fifth-grader, Davieyonna Owens, Huffman Academy; second-place winner, fourth-grader, Patton Turner, Glen Iris Elementary; and third-place winner, fifth-grader, Kenadie Hardaway, Princeton Elementary. The overall class winner is Robin Rich, Phillips Academy, Kindergarten. Congratulations to W. J. Christian scholar Jonathan Davis who won first-place in the District-wide Spelling Bee as well as the Regional Jefferson County Spelling Bee.

68.Over $123 million in Scholarship Monies, including $33,360,231.54 million for 2021, and over 2 million for Huffman High School. Huffman has had approximately 15 million in Scholarship Monies over 4 years.

69.Sabrina Wright, 2021 Elementary School Teacher of the Year, Regional Finalist for District 4, and top 16 finalist for the state of Alabama.

70.Brianna Cantrell, Sun Valley Teacher of the Year, 2019.

71.Jasmine Merlette, Innovative Teacher of the Year, 2019, and Winner of 10,000.00 on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

72.Cameron Humes-2019 Bryant ordan Winner-First evere for Birmingham City Schools

73.Huffman Netting Partnership with UAB Accelerating Community Engagement Program Huffman High School in securing the internet connection for persons with disabilities and Huffman Neighbors. Huffman High School will serve as an internet access point for this project.

74.Huffman High School- Tennis Courts, Digital Marquee, New Gym Floor, and Scoreboards, New State of the Art Scoreboards, Football Practice Field grading and re-sodding, Pressure Washing of Molding, Landscaping of Campus, etc.

75.Smith Middle School- New Window Treatments, Digital Marquee, New Gym Bleachers, Locker Room renovation, Resurfacing of Track, Facelift, Painting, Clocks replaced throughout the Building, Roofing and Electrical Upgrades, HVAC Upgrades Landscaping, etc.

76.Sun Valley Elementary School-New Digital Marquee, Resurfacing of Parking Lot and Speed Bumps, Installation of Playground Equipment, Tennis Courts, New Paging and Intercom System, New Awning, Carpet Replacement in Library and Front Office, 12 Panes of Plexiglass in front exterior of the building and 4 panes of Plexiglass in interior of the building, Electrical Upgrades, etc.

77.Huffman Academy-State of the Art Playground Facility with Track, New Digital Marquee, etc.

78.Huffman Middle School-New Cafeteria, Gymnasium totaling 2.5 million, and New Digital Marquee.

79.Partnership between Birmingham City Schools and Alabama Regional Medical Services to vaccinate children 12 and up and their families.

Summary of Accomplishments:

•Finances-10 months-177 Million in General Fund, Projected 5.34 Months- 105 million at the end of Fiscal Year 2021 which is September 30, 2021.

•Audit-All Unqualified Audits during my term from 2017-2021.

•Zoning-Maintenance of Zoning for District 1 to continue to have the Largest H.S., Largest Elementary School, 2nd Largest Elementary School, and Second Largest Middle School.

•Accreditation-Achieved first-ever Full SACS District Accreditation for the District and all Schools without Probationary Status.

•Strategic Plan-Student Success, Team Excellence, Stakeholder Trust, Effective Systems and Planning.

• System Wide Evaluation Plan for Certified Employees.

• District-wide Reorganization-Academic and Accountability Purposes for all Employees

•Academics-Over 60 million in Scholarships awarded to Class of 2021 going to colleges and Universities throughout the Country including Harvard, Notre Dame, Alabama, Auburn UAB, Tennessee State, South Alabama, Troy, etc.

•Approval of 2021 Modified Calendar with Intercessions to close the Achievement Gap.

•Birmingham Promise provision of opportunities for students who meet the criteria to attend any college in Alabama free.

•Use of 53 million and 119 Million in ESSER 2 and 3 Funds for Academics, Professional Development, and Unfinished Student Support (Extra Programs, Resources, etc).

•Every School Technologically equipped and every student equipped with Chrome Books and Laptops with over 10 million spent on computers and 2.5 million on Hotspots.

•Expenditures of multi millions in Cares Monies for Safety, Technology, Academics, Professional Development.

•Majority of Certified and Highly Qualified Teachers serve our students.

•Report Card Grade of C prior to Pandemic which was an increase from D.

•Capital Plans-47 Million Dollar Capital Plans in Prioritizing Building and Maintenance Needs including millions at Huffman Academy, Sun Valley Elementary School, Smith Middle School, Huffman Middle School, and Huffman High School.

•Special Awards:

•Governor Kay Ivey visiting Huffman Academy Pre School Class promoting Children’s Literacy in January, 2019.

•Smith Middle School awarded a $100,000 Don’t Quit Fitness Center from the National Foundation or Governors’ Fitness Council as a result of exemplifying leadership in getting and keeping its students fit.

•Brianna Cantrell and Sabrina Wright Elementary Teacher of the Year winners in 2019-2021.

•Jasmine Merlette-2019 Innovative Teacher of the Year and winner of 10,000.00 from Shuttle Fly on the Ellen Degeneres Show

•Sabrina Wright Alabama Teacher of the Year Sweet 16 Finalist and Region 4 Representative.

•Cameron Hughes –First –ever Bryant Jordan Winner for Birmingham City Schools.

•Huffman High School Award Winning Debate Team at Harvard University.

•Huffman High School First-ever State Basketball Champions for 2020.

•$800,000 Transformational Grant for School Climate

•Dr. Douglas L. Ragland Appointed to the Alabama Educational Television Commission by Governor Kay Ivey and Unanimously Confirmed by the Senate in 2019.

•Dr. Douglas L. Ragland Achievement as Master School Board Member by the Alabama Association of School Boards in 2019,2020, 2021 and a level 4 School Board Member in 2018.

•Dr. Douglas L. Ragland completion of PLU Requirements to maintain Teacher and Administrative Certification in Educational Leadership until 2027.

•Engagement in Schools:

•Worked with Spelling Bees at every School and the

•Debate Team at Huffman High School

•Speaker at various events at all schools in District 1

•Participant in Reading to students during Dr. Seuss Birthday

•Served as Motivational Speaker for teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.

•Extreme Visibility at academic and athletic events.

•Supporter of all District 1 Schools PTA Events

•Excellent rapport with principals, teachers, students and parents

•Community Service:

•Plethora of Partners in the Business, Governmental, and Educational Settings in enhancing educational opportunities.

•Birmingham Mitsubishi Partnership with Huffman High School Officially confirmed on April 27, 2021 at its Grand Opening. Partnership includes Annual Scholarship to a Graduating Senior, $3,000.00 Donation to School Fund, $250.00 monthly to recognize Huffman High/Birmingham Mitubishi Student of the Month, Purchasing of a $3,500.00 Athletic Support Banner for the Football Season, and Commitment to supporting Huffman High School Athletic Programs for the 2021-22 School Year.

•Secured Partnership for Huffman High School in September 2020 with Publix Grocery Store on Springville Road. Publix and CVS Stores in Center Point and Roebuck have increased percentage to 17% of sales of Huffman Athletic Merchandise which was instituted by Dr. Douglas L. Ragland and is the highest percentage given to any partner with Ohio Pyle the Corporate Organization for this partnership.

•Approval of millions in Donations from Business, Community, and Legislative Partnerships.

•Partner with the Huffman Neighborhood Association and UAB for the Huffman Netting in securing the internet connection for persons with disabilities and all Huffman Neighbors. Huffman High School will serve As an Internet Access Point in making this happen.

•Partnership between Birmingham City Schools and Alabama Regional Medical Services to vaccinate children 12 and up and their families.

•Attends and provides reports for Neighborhood Association Meetings.

•Participant in the Annual Huffman Neighborhood Association Get to Know Your Neighbor Day held at Huffman High School.


•Hiring of an extremely qualified Superintendent who happens to be a graduate of Birmingham City Schools, as well as a local resident.

•No major controversies in the District during my term.

•Minimal concerns expressed to me by constituents because of my accessibility and immediate actions taken in regards to reporting potential issues to the Superintendent.

In conclusion, to continue this momentum and spirit of excellence in enhancing our schools, and community, and providing opportunities for global success of our children, I am asking that you support me for a second term on the Birmingham Board of Education as your District 1 Representative.

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