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I see the importance of teachers and administrators understanding the importance of student success from a variety of perspectives. First, as educators we must prepare ourselves from a professional development standpoint to be the best we can be in teaching our students. Secondly, we must be knowledgeable and versatile in our teaching strategies to make sure that we are reaching our children where they are as well as be mindful of barriers that may prevent or limit their success. Thirdly, we must develop a collegiality of working together as a team in putting the best interests of children first, in developing curriculum and strategies that will make them successful and close the gap of deficiency compared to other students, if not eliminate it all together. Fourthly, we must be cognizant of the culture of those we teach and develop a school and district culture that illuminates, success, high expectations, and most importantly, the belief that all children can and will learn. Our actions must illustrate this in our determination and perseverance in teaching our students, and these are the areas I will focus on in terms of change, as I promote continuous improvement in Alabama Public Schools I am retired, but in my efforts in doing workshops, civic responsibilities, and counseling those in education, I will highlight the importance of professional development, keeping the interests of children first, working as a team, collegiality, understanding culture of students, developing positive academic and social cultural environments, establishing and maintaining the belief that all children can and will learn. This is in essence my reflection on Continuous Improvement in Alabama Public Schools 

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