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The Adobe Acrobat Pro Technological Tool can be used in a variety of ways to meet your instructional and leadership goals. From a teacher’s perspective, this tool can be utilized to create lesson plans for instruction, a demographic analysis of students individually and in groups in reference to knowledge and skill mastery, leading grade level workshops in terms of goals, objectives, instructional analysis, and curriculum alignment, formulating alerts and announcements for colleagues, parents, and appropriate stakeholders. From an administrator’s perspective, Adobe Acrobat Pro can be used to create a recruitment plan for teachers and administrators, assessing test scores of individual teachers and schools for professional development purposes and summative evaluation purposes, employ orientation programs for personnel in the district, employ personnel policy manuals for all employees, create strategic planning goals and personnel assignments, create accreditation teams and guidelines for school and district accreditation, creation and finalizing of budgets school and district wide. These are ways that I would utilize Adobe Acrobat Pro in enhancing instruction, communication, fiscal excellence, and the learning environment in general in school districts.

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