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“My Understanding of the Role of the Community College”

By Dr. Douglas L. Ragland

The role of the community college is significant in preparing students for success which ultimately enhances the community and the state. The community college is designed to promote excellence in delivering academic education, adult education and workforce development in meeting the needs of the students, community, workforce and ultimately the state. In accomplishing these goals the community college strives to provide affordable access to the citizens in the state as a means of accomplishing and realizing the goals of academic education, adult education and workforce development. The community college is student centered in that it wants to develop, enhance and meet the needs of students for the purpose of developing a population of success so that students can have the academic and technical training to become productive citizens in society and simultaneously elevating their personal development, and self worth in enhancing their respective communities. The community college is available to provide opportunities for all citizens from all walks of life to become successful whether it be by attaining an Associate’s Degree, technical training, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree through transfer credit, providing adult education in attaining a GED, or meeting other community needs, and developing a relationship with the workforce in providing clientele and assistance to enhance economic and workforce development in the community and ultimately the state. The community college must exemplify a set of values including integrity, excellence, accessibility, accountability, diversity, and diligence in preparing students to achieve the competencies necessary for success in the workforce and furthering their education at the university level. This is in essence a synopsis of my understanding of the role of the community college.

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